Happy Easter

It is Easter, a holiday often compared to Ostara, and I’m aware of about a dozen and a half different pagans at any one time claiming that the Christians stole it. I’m not here for that debate. I’m here to offer a reflection (one of many I had today).

I celebrated Ostara weeks ago, when the first rain fell where I live (and, I should add, unusually early, see Some Thoughts…). So I have no worries about Easter vs Ostara. The energy of spring had bloomed weeks ago and been growing ever since, as far as I’ve been able to tell.

But that isn’t the reflection. The reflection is this: I have felt Andred’s influence most strongly in new and growing things: the first early days of spring, the newest of new crescent moons, and so forth. And then it wanes and yields to other influences. Spring will soon give way to summer, a reflection of the power of other gods. And this is completely OK. Each god has his or her time. No god can be powerful all the time (unless you believe in such a being, but that’s for another day). Energies change on all kinds of scales. And so it is here. Andred’s influence has waned, but that’s OK. Spring is blooming and Summer is coming.

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