More On War

The thing about Andred is, She is a goddess of war, but not all wars happen on battlefields foreign and domestic. Some wars are waged at home, between parents with children in the middle. Others are waged directly on the children themselves. Some are protests. Those can turn into actual wars, the way we traditionally picture them. Or they can not. Our government prefers the former, obviously.

And She supports all that. Like…I am fighting to keep myself in an abusive household, and She supports me. I, of course, am responsible for all my victories, because very few things can be placed directly at the feet of the gods, but She’s got my back and She gives me strength, and lets me know shit is gonna be OK and to keep going. She gives me the fire I need to keep moving forward to getting myself out (and I am pleased to report that that is going to happen sometime this year).

And this doesn’t just go for Andred. Consider all gods and goddesses of war, every single one that you can think of. Do you think they just consider war an act of the battlefield, between opposing armies? I don’t think so. When you live a do what you’ve gotta do life, it’s a fight, even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes. It’s a fucking fight that you are fighting and losing is not an option.

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