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Today I read a series of articles (many listed here) that discusses a series of events the author describes as “the Otherworld bleeding through”. I haven’t noticed anything obviously weird, like glowing green birds, but I have noticed something else: the past two years have really been my years for connecting to deities. I’m now on a path to bringing a previously unknown goddess back into at least some light (She is no Morrigan, but that doesn’t mean She isn’t also important to Her people). I come to understand Her, and I post accordingly on social media, sometimes. Actually most times.

It’s a bit weird going through a process of revealed knowledge, but I’m not about to start a cult about it. I wish only to share knowledge, hoping that something I post will be the lightbulb moment for someone else.

But it’s also strange sitting back and going, “Hey, I’m not really all that sensitive but isn’t this the period where I started knowing Andred for who She is?” And that’s the kind of thing that makes me think more deeply about the merits of the changing relationship between the physical and the metaphysical or spiritual. Pagan religions becoming more popular within the past few decades is a sign of this (and of questions that a more traditional approach to deity cannot answer). Then there are people seeing portals and glowing green birds and so on. There’s me, who the past few years has been clawing for some sort of connection to the divine, something that I can feel and know is real.

Or consider natural disasters, if that is what you wish.

The point is, people have noticed that things are changing. I won’t say that it’s the end of the world, because I don’t believe that’s correct. It’s more accurate to say this is “the end of the world as we know it,” which is to say, the end of the world of our parents and grandparents. Things change, as they always must.

I suppose the question you would ask me next is “what do we do about that?” That’s been covered in the articles stated at the top, but I would go for: Go with your gut. If you feel a drive, and more than just a one-time passing fancy, then follow it. Figure out how to work it into your life (for other gods I feel the drive toward daily ritual and the crafting of a tube dress for ritual wear, for example). That drive speaks toward your purpose, at least for the present, and it’s worth listening to.

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