On War

Andred isn’t just war. She isn’t just armed conflict or any kind of battle. She can be found in the rest that comes in the middle of the war, or after it, whether her “side” is victorious or not (I suspect she doesn’t just change sides willy-nilly, but instead protects and supports her people). And she hasn’t gone away when we stopped using spears and shields. Guns. Spies. Drones. She changes slightly based on the means of war, but war itself has not changed.

She is steadfast, principled. War has it’s place, but out of place it is a wild destructive force, like an out of control wildfire. This is not her domain. She seems to prefer war in its place, and all other times let there be peace. Rest. Heal your wounds. Think on what just happened. Negotiate the fallout. Establish treaties if necessary. Rearrange as needed. That, too, is necessary. There is no purpose to endless conflict. There is no need to continue when all arms should be laid down.

Look, I know I sound like some anti-war protester here, but this shit just came through me this morning and I think she wants it known. Alright?

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