Phases of the Moon

It struck me this past full moon that I could also feel Andred in this phase, but She was different. Usually I associate her with the energy and new beginnings of the waxing moon, and feel that as a protective force. Several days ago I also felt her, when the moon hangs in the sky with the sunset and it’s like both my gods are in the sky with me. I’m not sure what this force was, but as I think on it I would class it as “supportive”, perhaps, or “reassuring.”

It also reminds me that once I pondered what different phases of the moon actually meant if Andred was their Lady. Did they represent different aspects of Her? Or perhaps she is only Goddess of one phase of the moon (which is totally alright). Now I think it might be a little more complex than that, but I have yet to work out exactly how.

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