Yuletide Observations

Every year on Christmas Eve I drive around to see the lights of just about everyone in town. Some things I noticed this year:

  • I learned that the tree decoration I love so much is flat
  • It feels like there weren’t as many lights this year as there were last year. It made the town feel darker (literally and somewhat figuratively); I’m wondering if there’s a connection between this and all the complaints I heard this year about rampant commercialism (not a new phenomenon by any means, see A Charlie Brown Christmas, but it appears to wax and wane).
  • At one point, between two lit up houses, I smelled ash. It immediately reminded me of the Yule fire and the ashes I used for my wards.
  • I turned onto the street I used to live on, then onto that turn-off for the big residential neighborhood there, because they looked lit up. I don’t recall exactly when I got spit back out onto the street on which I used to live. I’m not sure if I was being supernaturally guided or if something was trying to lead me astray.
  • On the whole, the shadows gave me vibes in varying degrees, especially near the end when I was driving on the aforementioned street.

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