Rabbit Rabbit 1-1-21

This one is important.

This is a celebration of the fact that I can write -21 on things instead of -20.

This is a celebration of the fact that the year from hell is finally over.

Sure, Republicans in Congress will make asses of themselves trying to overturn the election for their Glorious Overlord (according to insiders because they want to appeal to Trump’s base, although beats me as to why). But most of the country appears to have accepted the results (except our die-hard red-hat friends, who are planning to march on Washington or who have secluded further into disconnection from reality). The more I think about this the more I think those people are best left behind to fade into obscurity.

And yes, that includes a good 3/4 of my hometown. And I’m OK with that. I never fit in here, anyway.

I won’t kid myself. I’m not expecting for all things to immediately become fixed on Jan. 20th or any other date for that matter. Just as I don’t expect that same thing when it comes to the apocalypse (don’t deny it; “remake the world anew” and all that).

But there are two things I do feel: relief and hope.

See, hope is the last thing to go when things get bad. It’s like breathing, very hard to give up.

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