Andred first revealed herself to me in the waxing crescent moon that led me home after work (as it was setting), coupled with, interestingly enough, a country song. Now, I listen to a lot of country, but something about this particular song just added to the moment, and made everything feel right. That’s been key for me, the idea that everything feels right in a given moment, and that’s how I discern, in part, a god’s presence or my connection with nature.

As I said previously, it took me quite a long while to determine the nature of the divine being contacting me, and while I describe it in fairly brief terms it really took months, perhaps a year at least, from the first sign to the true understanding of Her nature. Since then, I have come to understand Her symbols, and I still learn them to this day. They are:

  • the perfect crescent of the newly waxing moon
  • the hare
  • the pentacle
  • Three of Swords and Six of Pentacles from the Welcome to Night Vale deck (those two exactly specific cards)
  • blue sandstone
  • rainbow moonstone

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